Follow these tips:

  • Join Hopin on your desktop/laptop. Avoid using mobile devices, iPads or tablets as Hopin has limited features and is not accessible on these devices.
  • Use the latest version of Chrome to access Hopin. To ensure you have access to all platform elements, Hopin recommends opening the event in Incognito mode.
  • Don’t use other meeting platforms while using Hopin (i.e., Microsoft Teams, Zoom). If you are having audio/video issues on Hopin, ensure any other virtual meeting platforms are closed.
  • Make sure any virtual private networks (VPN) or ad blockers are turned off.
  • If the video is choppy, turn off any other devices in your location that are streaming video.
  • If you encounter audio/video issues on Hopin, follow these troubleshooting tips or contact our team working the virtual Help Desk in the “Breakout Sessions” area of Hopin.